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tons is an Open Source cross-platform wallet application and command-line interface to maintain any type of wallet on the TON network on desktops and servers. Works with Windows/Mac/Linux.

tons has different UI versions, thanks to which, any user will find a suitable interface:

tons uses specific filesystem architecture that is maintained by the application.

├── config.yaml
├── whitelist.json
├── keystores
│ ├── *.keystore

Read more about architecture entities: Config, Keystore, Whitelist.

User interfaces


The most convenient Graphic User Interface version to work with your assets.



tons-interactive is a convenient interface to control your assets through terminal.

$ tons-interactive
[] Pick command: Keystores
[] Pick command: Open keystore
[] Choose keystore to use: 🔒 personal.keystore
[?] Pick command [personal.keystore]: List wallets
> List wallets
Advanced Transfer
Tonconnect v2


tons is a batch mode interface that allows you to write automatic scripts.

To get all available subcommands and flags run a command with an '-h' flag

$ tons -h
Usage: tons [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--version Show the version and exit.
-c, --config Use specific config.yaml file
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

config Control config parameters (check for all fields...
contract Operate with contracts
dev Development tools
dns Operate with DNS
init Initialize .tons workdir in a current directory
keystore Operate with keystores
tonconnect Operate with TonConnect
wallet Operate with wallets
whitelist Operate with whitelist contacts

Example: get list of all wallets from a keystore

$ tons wallet list -v
| Name | Version | WC | Address | Comment | State | Balance |
| dev | v3r2 | 0 | EQBxWbjry61lk0dU_8viG9M_e5x9VGOJaI9ZhOrn6vcIp7Sm | None | Active | 13.1 |
| prod | v4r2 | 0 | EQCkNipaz2C3Md-tXVBcD3E4yv8EKqMzZ41QQtsM4IdFnKP5 | None | Uninit | 0.0 |
| Total | | | | | | 13.1 |